Journey Into Womanhood

Journey Into Womanhood



Girls are often vulnerable and susceptible to low self-esteem, violence, trauma, addiction and poor decision making. These young women are often unsure of their place in society and feel as if there is no hope for a bright future. Journey Into Womanhood (JIW), a 25-week rites of passage program seeks to address those issues by providing resources for girls ages 9-17 to help them make the healthy transition from girls to young women.

The JIW program is facilitated by experienced volunteer leaders who help students cultivate self-awareness, develop leadership skills, and nurture talents that positively impact their communities. Students participate in journal writing, community service projects, and enrichment trips to help them better understand themselves and others. Students are also assigned mentors – accomplished female leaders – who provide social, emotional, and academic support. At the end of the school year students celebrate their success at the Journey Into Womanhood Celebration, which honors their academic achievements and celebrates their power as young women. Graduating seniors are provided scholarships to assist with their college expenses.

JIW runs from September to May, matching the school calendar to support academic success. JIW students meet at least two Saturdays each month from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. All students are invited to continue with the program each year since the program builds upon the skills learned in previous years. A student is considered a graduate of the program once she successfully completes her senior year of high school.

The JIW curriculum helps students explore 12 vital aspects of life:

  • The Value of SELF
  • Drugs and Alcohol Prevention
  • Concepts of Beauty
  • “A” is for Academics
  • Health and Fitness/Food and Nutrition
  • Relationships and Social Skills
  • Our Society & Social Constructs
  • Employment and Career Skills
  • Community Building
  • Abstinence Plus & STD Prevention
  • Investments & Savings/Financial Literacy
  • Etiquette