Executive Director Blog: You want me to create family goals?

People often mark the new year with making resolutions to improve themselves. Some people refer to it as setting goals. It doesn’t matter what the title you give it, we all should make time for this important task. It is important for you and the entire family.  Goal setting or resolutions do not have to take place on January 1.  Start when you are ready to embrace change.

I want to challenge you to set some family goals. The first thing you need to do is get your family to participate; remember these are family goals. Next ask, what are some things you wish to achieve as a family unit? After your family comes up with the list, narrow the list down if needed to three, no more than five goals. Give your family a deadline to work towards achieving these goals. It’s okay if you need to revisit the deadline or tweak your goals from time to time, after all, you and your family will achieve them as time goes on. Make sure you keep the family goals posted, perhaps on the refrigerator, so the entire family can see the goals created. Lastly  make sure you and your family give praise and celebrate when you accomplish the goals. To help you get started, here are some goals my family has set: 

  1.  Reduce added sugar intake. My daughter loves honey and fresh fruit so it makes for a nice balance of natural sugar.   
  2. Participating in family physical activities at least four times a week. We get outside when we can and play catch or kickball. For inside activity we dance or hula hoop.  You can actually burn 7 calories a minutes from hula hooping!
  3. Eating dinner together at the table at least three times a week. We love spending time at the table together, tech free, where we can talk and enjoy each other.

    It is not easy to make change, but it is much easier to do with all family members supporting each other. Share with me some goals in the comments section below or on social media using the the hashtag #empowermentjax.

In addition to being a parenting educator and executive director of Empowerment Resources, Elexia is a proud mom of a spunky 3 year old, a community mother, Godmother and a great-aunt. She enjoys putting her parenting skills to use with her many mommy hats.