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Message from the Founder: A Recap of the 2017 JIW Awards

The 13th Annual Journey Into Womanhood (JIW) Awards Celebration was an afternoon packed with an inspiring keynote address, a brilliant talent showcase from JIW participants and the presentation of well-deserved awards. We were honored to have Tenikka Hughes of Action News as our Emcee. Carla

Post from a JIW: Managing Your Online Presence

The weekly homework assignment was to ask 5 people what they think about you before they became your friend or met you. I asked 5 people throughout the week and I did one person per day. I asked my friend Makayla what she thought about

Making an impact in 2017 and beyond

YOU made a difference in the lives of hundreds of teens and adults in North Florida. Together with your investment and support, Empowerment Resources accomplished amazing things in 2016 for those who count upon our organization to help them realize their fullest potential as productive

Guest Post: Exposing Children to New Experiences

Mom Blogger and Journey Into Womanhood alumna,  Jasmine shares a few tips for parents on the importance of exposing children to new experiences. Children Become What They See A lot of who we are as adults stems from our childhood experiences. Our parents, neighbors and friends shape how we interact with others. Our environment and neighborhoods shape how we view the world. And our education shapes our perspective of the future. As a parent it is important to ensure your child is well rounded in their interactions and experiences. This includes exposing them to different cultures, foods and environments in a way that allows them to learn and grow. It is also essential to expose your children to books, movies and activities featuring people who look like them. Representation gives children even more hope in reaching for the stars. “Children become what they see, make sure you’re showing them something worthwhile. “ I

GUEST POST: Advice from a Mom in Second Grade Again

My name is Ale’ta. I’m a Mom in second grade again. Thanks to my son, of course. As a college graduate, I thought I had mastered mathematical strategies a long time ago. I realized that I needed to be “schooled” again during my son’s second

Welcome Back to School JIW Students

The Journey Into Womanhood (JIW) program kicked off with about 25 girls in attendance ready to get the year started with a plan. The first meeting of the year covered goal setting, utilizing a planner and setting good study habits. The JIW girls received new