Executive Director Blog: To all women: You are a mom too.

While I’m celebrating a few years as a mother of a toddler, I can honestly say I became a mother of sorts long before that time. Chances are many of you can say the same.

As a teen I became a Godmother to a few kids including my baby cousin. I took this job seriously and enjoyed watching him grow into a young man. I am a proud aunt and great aunt to many nieces and nephews. I always enjoy the calls, text messages, pictures and good times we continue to share. A few years out of college I started a girls mentoring program and look at many of those girls and now young women as my mentees and little sisters. Prior to becoming a mom when people would ask me “do you have children,” I would often respond with “Yes, none that I have birthed, but I am a mom of sorts.” I love each of these people as if they are my own children. I love sharing with them, watching them grow and offering a hand up if they are down.

To me, a mother is a female who provides love, laughter, nourishment and support to another. If you are an aunt, mentor, Godmother, I’m sure you provided that same love, laughter, nourishment and support. Your love, guidance or small tidbit may have had a huge impact on a person that looks to you as a mom. As a mom, our work can be tiring but it is needed. So keep providing that love, those tips (that they do hear, yet it might not seem like it) and be there for them no matter what.

To all women- Happy Mother’s Day to you, and be sure to nurture yourself too.

The above message is written by Empowerment Resources Inc. Executive Director Elexia Moss. In addition to being a parenting educator and executive director of Empowerment Resources, Elexia is a proud mom of a spunky 4 year old, a community mother, Godmother and a great-aunt. She enjoys putting her parenting skills to use with her many mommy hats.